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While many other jazz vocalists and musicians start practicing their craft from a very early age, this was not the destiny for Seena.

Born into a loving family in Norway, not a single member of her immediate or extended family worked in the arts.

Seena’s dad did enjoy listening to music, and Seena would often listen along with him. Her dad's three favorite acts, Queen, Tina Turner and Pink Floyd, played on repeat whenever Seena and her dad were riding together somewhere in the family car.

Whenever she could, Seena would also keep her radio or mp3 player on for hours a day with music by Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox, Gwen Stefani, ABBA, Shania Twain, Supertramp, The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Madonna, Britney Spears , Lipps Inc, Bach, Grieg and many more. 

Seena’s upbringing was very much about the joy of getting lost listening to amazing music, regardless of genre.

To this day Seena's opinion is that there really only are two kinds of music: good or bad.

SEENA considers Sting to be one of her major influences and inspirations.

After hearing her friends at school talk about how they were having fun doing Rhythmic Gymnastics, Seena began taking Rythmic Gymnastics lessons and dance lessons in seventh grade. She fell in love with moving to music and danced her way through high school, focusing especially on musical theatre dance, which had quickly become her favorite type of artistic expression.

She decided to pursue a career as a musical theatre dancer, and got accepted into Norway’s top Senior High School for dance, the Fagerborg School in Oslo. Seena trained extensively in ballet, contemporary jazz dance and Martha Graham technique at Fagerborg Senior High. She was very inspired, and would often show up to school before the crack of dawn, spending hours dancing by herself and working on her craft.

At Fagerborg her favorite dance teacher would frequently choreograph to songs by Sting and Cassandra Wilson, which Seena continued listening to tirelessly in the afternoons after school, discovering in them a sense of truth, peace and magic.

Seena considers Sting to be one of her major influences and inspirations.

Click HERE to see an excerpt from a VOUGExH&M commercial Seena did.

After graduating from Fagerborg Senior High, Seena got accepted into The American Musical And Dramatic Academy in New York City, where her main focus switched from being solely on dance to studying acting and singing for musical theatre, as well. Attending AMDA was at first quite defeating for Seena, as many of her classmates showed up to the first day of class with song repertoire books as thick as bricks while Seena on the other hand hadn’t taken a single voice lesson. After earning her Associates Degree from AMDA, Seena transferred to The New School to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Following her graduation from The New School, Seena started auditioning and working a number of freelance jobs to support herself. She worked as a gogo dancer at nightclubs like 1OAK, a background actor in New York’s many TV shows and films and as a server and dancer for private events like bar mitzvahs. At the same time she was building her resume with small credits such as independent films and commercials, and also with more significant credits like working as a backup dancer/singer for the winner of The Voice USA, Season 2, Jermaine Paul.

Click HERE to see an excerpt from a VOUGExH&M commercial Seena did.

When serendipitously sharing the elevator with Lady Gaga in a New York hotel, Seena was inspired to test if she herself could write music. While completing her first song, she discovered this was a natural outlet for her and she began writing and recording her own original material. One of her demos was picked up by the dance music label DIY records in Milan, Italy, where Seena was invited to record her first single.

As Seena continued to develop herself as an artist and human being, wading through the weeds of the music industry, she felt herself drawn to the music of Amy Winehouse, which became an artistic bridge for Seena transitioning from pop to jazz and soul. Seena recognized a sense of musical and lyrical truth in Amy Winehouse’s music and was greatly inspired by this, especially Amy’s ability to sing for the moment, letting inspiration dictate her phrasing and notes.

Seena decided to stop focusing solely on pop and dance music and dedicated herself to jazz and neo-soul, realizing that most of the original material she had already written had truly belonged in this groove all along. 

She felt like she had finally found her own, true voice.

Due to her previous experience working in the booming private events industry as a dancer, Seena recognized a potential to start her own jazz band to cater to this market. Within the first year of founding her jazz band, Seena had played over 100 live shows, entertaining extensively for the private events industry for clients like Mercedes, Google, Corcoran and high-end weddings. 

She also instantaneously started performing many regular gigs around New York City at smaller venues like The Row and at larger and respected venues like The Rainbow Room.

Seena also enjoys a successful career as a fitting and showroom model. Her clients include: Theory, Ronny Kobo, Solid & Striped, Jill Stuart, Yigal Azrouel and many others.

Seena will release her debut album in 2018 and is currently performing weekly shows with her jazz band in Manhattan and at private events.