How to Rock Sundays in New York


My favorite things to do before a busy work-week of performing shows with my jazz band and nailing my many modeling gigs:

 1. SLT Class : I love starting my Sundays off with an SLT class. SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone. It's a super intense 50-minute class done on a mega-former machine. Love, love, love it! Without a doubt the most demanding fitness class I've ever tried in New York - and I've tried many. I always walk out of there in a better mood than when I started and feeling sore all over.

2. Sweet Green : Right after finishing SLT I usually head in the direction of the closest Sweet Green for lunch. Super tasty salads that are healthy and sourced from local farmers? Yes please :) My favorite salad at the moment is Spicy Sabzi - it's vegan <3 To drink I usually get the Iced Chai - delicious!

3. Prepare for the week ahead : Lastly I clean up the house and prepare for Monday. I love having music from a Spotify-playlist in the background, - anything with 'chill' or 'lounge' in the title will do :) My music is also on Spotify, including my version of 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' which so many of you said you like on my instagram. Thank you guys and have a a great week ahead!