The Old Man & The Sea


Have you read a lot of Ernest Hemingway? I haven’t but I recently decided to check out two of his books;
‘A Moveable Feast’ and ‘The Old Man And The Sea’. They are both pretty short and available as audiobooks.

‘The Old Man And The Sea’ touches on a few different subjects.
At first glance it’s a simple story of an old fisherman that hasn’t caught a fish in a very long time,
but he goes out fishing again.
It takes him days out on the open sea, but he finally catches a huge marlin,
only to have it eaten up by a shark while trying to transport it back to land.

To me, the general deeper meaning of the story is of course about resilience and not giving up,
but on a more specific level it’s also about proving to yourself that you can uphold your standards and push yourself to your own limits, while being respectful and humble to your environment.
Because in the end when you return to the shore you are left only with how you acted and not with what you caught.

There are plenty more moral lessons in this book, but you can check those out for yourself if you want :)