Cherries is out now!


My new song Cherries is out now! I produced it myself (the actual editing and mixing in Pro Tools).
I’ll be releasing a lot more self produced music this fall, including an EP. I’ve spent the last year learning Pro Tools and Logic (music production programs).

My first few years in the music business was filled with so many people trying to take advantage of me and trick me because of my genuine love of music and because I’m a female.
You would be surprised at some of the names and stories.
Going forward I hope I can inspire other ladies in the business, and girls who want to get into making music. You don’t need a record deal, a producer, or anybody to believe in you, to make music.
All you need is your own creativity, determination and self-respect. 

I’m not saying that it’s not good to collaborate with others - just as long as that’s what it is, and you pick the right people.
But just remember that no matter who you are and what you want to accomplish,
you don’t need anyone to get started or move yourself forward.

A thanks to all my jazz musicians - I was lucky to link up with you and still have you in my life - it’s incredible to be surrounded by individuals who actually have a true love of music after my rough start in the music business encountering people with zero integrity.
Thanks Adi, Taber, Darrian and Ken for playing on this track and some of the upcoming ones - chopped it up a bit on this one - you can hear more of their beautiful playing in upcoming tracks.
Chorus written by Lew Brown. Verses and break by me.

This mix is dry, bassy, minimalist and perfect for a chill Sunday - just like I wanted it to be. Hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting me and my music. I’m only getting started. Seena 

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Music is a Dream

Here are two book recommendations and one documentary recommendation. They are all inspirational and about music - directly and indirectly. ‘Broken Music’ is an honest and beautifully written autobiography by Sting full of memories from - and reflections on - his early life and career. One of my favorite books for sure. Another favorite is ‘The Soundtrack Of My Life’ by Clive Davis which I think is a must-read for anyone interested in music. This is also an autobiography, and because Clive has discovered and made so many artists it’s very much a piece of music history, as well. It’s truly inspiring to read how someone who’s speciality is recognizing what’s amazing and unique in others have been able to achieve again and again and again.

I also recommend the documentary ‘The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life’. I can almost guarantee that if you’re having a bad day you will be humbled and moved (and hopefully have a better day) after watching this Academy Award winning documentary short. It’s about Alice Herz-Sommer, a Holocaust Survivor and pianist.